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Varekode: 9781788689397
Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet's Natural World


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Inspirasjonsbok fra Lonely Planet fra 2020 med bilder av natur, strender, fjell, ørken etc.

Utgitt: Oktober 2020
Engelsk utgave

Informasjon fra forlaget

There's something purely magical about being in nature; it transforms us, it renews us. Yet, in a world where high rises, dense population and technology have become virtually inescapable, immersing oneself in nature is seemingly out-of-reach. Lonely Planet's Natural World invites you to reconnect with nature in this sweeping look at the cultural, ecological and historical significance of our world's remaining natural places.

The natural world is not as far away as you may believe. In each chapter we explore one specific environment and show you places around the world where you can immerse yourself under a canopy of leaves, quiet your mind amongst sparkling snow, and refresh your senses to a soundtrack of crashing waves. We've also included excerpts from nature writers such as John Muir to help illuminate your sense of place throughout history, and easy-to-follow activities, like "how-to-forest-bathe," to provide inspiration for when you arrive.

Nature is a precious resource; not for what we can take from it, but for what we can learn from it. The natural places in this book are in danger from a plethora of human-created threats. While this book is a celebration of these spaces, it is also meant to impart their value and importance, and calls on readers to protect such places. Discover how to absorb the benefits of nature while preserving these environments for future generations.

Environments include:

  • Trees & Forests
  • Rivers & Waterways
  • Mountains & Valleys
  • Plains & Deserts
  • Beaches & Bays

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Book Details
ISBN: 9781788689397
Writers: Lonely Planet
320 pages, 320pp color | Dimensions: 236mm × 276mm
Next edition due: Oct 2025
Lonely Planet