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Dream Lite 500 Reisepose


This lightweight sleeping bag packs down super small making it perfect for weight conscious excursions. The bag can also be used as a sleeping bag liner.

Fill: Polydown Soft Polyester fibre
Lining: Soft Nylon Taffeta
Outer Material: Dura Hexlite RS

Weight:600 g / 660 g
Length:205 cm / 220 cm
till Bodysize:185 cm / 200 cm
Shoulder Width:75 cm / 80 cm
Bottom Width:48 cm / 50 cm
Pack-Size:ø 12 cm x 25 cm / 13 cm x 25 cm
Outer lining:Dura-Hexlite RS
Inner lining:Soft-Nylon Taffeta
Fill:Polydown Soft Polyester fibre
Fillweight:160 g / 185 g