Din handlekurv er tom


Altitude Black

When safety comes first. Altitude is an innovative and technically advanced glacier frame for use in very strong sunlight. It will take you to new places and higher grounds.


UV Protection

Bliz Active Eyewear protect your eyes efficiently against harmful UV rays. The lens material filters out 100% of all UVA and UVB light. The protection is built into the lens material so it can’t scratch off and leave your dilated pupils exposed to a UV leak.


The hard protective case in textile with its built in pockets for extra lenses allows you to store and maintain your glasses and lenses in the best possible way.

Cleaning cloth

A cleaning cloth in high quality microfiber is included with every product. It allows you to clean and maintain your lenses in the best possible way.

Removable rubber shields

The detachable front and side shields in soft rubber prevent unwanted wind and light from entering the eye from the periphery of your vision.

Polycarbonate lens

All Bliz Active lenses are made of unbreakable Polycarbonate with 100% UV protection. Polycarbonate is up to 10 times more impact-resistant than plastic or glass lenses and offers the highest degree of protection. Polycarbonate lenses are both thinner and lighter than regular plastic lenses and are therefore perfect for rimless sports eyewear designs.

Swedish design

By focusing on design, we can create a better function, larger use and added value for the user. For us it’s not just about having outer attractive products. It is crucially important with the function of the product, the quality of the product and environment issues and that these factors sustain over time. It is from these aspects we work when developing our products. This, to be ahead when meeting the demands from the market and wishes about design. With a pair of Bliz Active you can definitely feel safe and stylish.

CE Standard

All Bliz Active products are CE-marked. This shows that we follow the basic health- and safety demands which can be found in the EU-directives that are given on this product group. A CE-marked product shall also be followed with an owner’s manual with one official EU-language as well as the language of the recipient country. You can find this manual in each box when you buy the product. The owner’s manual contains all essential information for the product to be used for the right purpose and in a safe matter.


All Bliz Active products are produced in 100% recyclable material and are packed in 100% recyclable boxes. We aim and consistently work with, to decrease the use of natural resources, minimize the amount of dangerous additive, and is making sure that the boxes are easy to recycle and that we can use as little energy as possible when manufacturing, transporting and recycling. All this, so that you as a consumer feel safe and sure that the products are environmental friendly and sustain the highest quality.